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Insurance Solutions

Insurance is often an integral part of the wealth management planning process, but insurance is not by itself a plan. We believe effective planning combines life insurance (time insensitive) with planning techniques requiring longevity (time dependent). Life insurance can hedge the risk of too little time and guarantees* the desired result regardless of when death occurs. We integrate insurance into your plan in a way that makes sense.

We have access to all the major insurance companies, know all the strategies to utilize their products and have all the licenses needed to acquire any appropriate products for you. What’s more, we have the systems to administer our business to fit your situation and the clout with the companies to help get you what you want.

We know that many insurance plans may not be performing as they were designed. You may even have one. We think it may be because of a lack of attention and understanding of the bigger picture. When it is determined that life insurance should be a part of your plan, we will have one person acquire your insurance, another to service your policy and another to meet with you periodically about the status of your policy.

We think our service and expertise are the difference, because if your plan doesn't work, it is you and your family who pay the price.